Calgary Herald

1953-11-05 Page 7


Executive Is Elected By Holy Angels H.S.A. 

At the recent meeting of the Holy Angels H.S.A. the following executive was elected: Honorary president, Rev. Mother Magdalen; president ex-officio, Mr. R. A. Walters; president, Mrs. W. D. Glen; vice-president, Mr. K. Steiner; secretary, Mrs. J. A. McMillen; treasurer, Mrs. O. LaRue.
Memberships, Mrs. J. P. Fitzmartin; programs, Mr. F. H. Newnham; hospitality, Mr. Vince Harrigan; nominations, Mr. D. Frew and Mrs. A. Olsen; publicity, Mrs. J. T. Ryan.
Mrs. William Elder, of the Alberta Home and School Federation, outlined the aims and principles of H.S.A.'s.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-01-11