Calgary Herald

1953-06-22 Page 11


Gurevitch Shield Given Student

Fifteen-year-old Arthur J. Finlayson, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Finlayson, was awarded the Gurevitch memorial shield at the Mount Royal School graduation celebration in the school auditorium Friday evening. The shield was presented by Mrs. I. Gurevitch and is awarded annually for good school citizenship to the student who through four or more years at Mount Royal school has demonstrated outstanding qualities of mind, heart, and hand.
The W. M. Pecover award, also for good school citizenship, was presented by the Home and School to Joyce Mathieson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Mathieson.
THE 40 MEMBERS of the graduating class, who were entertained to a party and dance by the H.S.A., were:
Sterling Ainsworth, Michael Brawn, Chris Campbell, Donald Carlson, Anita Coates, Marilyn Collins, Eileen Cunningham, Carol Denton, Linda May Endro, Arthur Finlayson, Penelope Forsyth, Sylvia Goldfeldt, Norman Goodrich, Barbara Henderson, Janet Henderson, Frank Henry, Penelope Jackson, Kenny James, Robert Joyce, Elizabeth Ann Kurtz, Barry MacDonnell, Nancy MacKeen,Joyce Mathieson, Wayne McRoberts, Melva Mitchell, Teddy Myles, Robert Ross, Sharron Sanford, John Sleutel, Thelma Strong, Carolyn Stead, Raymond Stewart, Ronald Smith, Joe Swain, Joan Taylor, John F. Walker, Donald Williams, Patricia Willing, and Elaine Smith and Harry Viccars.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-11-22