Calgary Herald

1953-06-12 Page 33


Music Exam Results Given

Following are the results of the recent practical examinations held in Calgary by the Trinity College of Music, London, England. Candidates are listed in order of merit:
Licentiate (L.T.C.L.) solo performer, Eileen E. Robinson.
Associate (A.T.C.L.) Teacher, Jacqueline Bechtel, Pincher Creek.
Licentiate (L.T.C.L.) Performers, Anna May Sheinin, Ronald Poffenroth. Associate (A.T.C.L.) Performer, Edna Pozer.

Grade IX. Pass with merit, Andrew J. Sawatzky. Pass, Phyllis Kopp.
Grade VII Honors, Barbara Mitlett.
Grade VI Honors, Vanessa Ramsay.
Grade V Honors, Sharon Stewart. Pass with merit, Barbara Joan Oliver, Marjorie Brown, Sylvia Reilly, Anne McNeill.
Grade III Honors, Jean June Robb. Pass with merit, Diane Bown, Janet MacIlvride, Arta Pilling, Eric James McCook. Pass, Reginald L. Quantz, Robert W. Bowman, Earl Pilling (equal).
Grade VII Pass with merit, Patricia Humes.
Grade V, Pass with merit, Joyce Orr. Pass, Melva Mitchell.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-11-16