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HSA Officers Are Installed

Henry Ward was installed as president of Renfrew HSA at a recent meeting in the school auditorium. Mrs. A. E. Ilott presided and P. Aumonier conducted installation of officers.
The meet
ing voted $100 for purchase of library books, $15 for subscriptions to reference magazines and $10 toward the grade 6 graduation exercises.
The square dance committee reported a profit of $62 for the season and A. S. Currie, principal, demonstrated a film slide machine purchased for the school.
Presentation of a charter to Mrs. Ilott, retiring president, was made by Mr. Aumonier, president of the HSA council.
Presentations of a past president's pin was made to Mrs. Ilott by Mrs. Currie. Following the business refreshments were served by Mrs. P. R. Cromarty and her committee.
Other officers installed were: Associate president, A. S. Currie; vice-presidents, Mrs. R. H. Whithall and Mrs. Roy Clark; secretary, Mrs. M. A. Monilaws; treasurer, Mrs. A. S. Nicol and executive members, Mrs. D. S. McKinnell, Mrs. F. E. Splane, Mrs. Mrs. J. J. Law, Henry Zimmer, C. F. Morrow and Alvin Pike.

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