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1953-06-23 Page 22


Junior High Ceremonies
Rideau Park School Graduates 111 Pupils

The key to 
Rideau Park junior high school was handed down from the Grade IX to the Grade VIII class in a ceremony which has become traditional at the school during the recent graduation ceremonies.
Peggy Dickson, representing the 111 students who will move up into senior high school in September, presented the key to Grade VIII's Bernard Churchill.
GUEST SPEAKER at the graduation exercises was Robert Warren, superintendent of schools, who also presented academic and citizenship awards to eight students.
Jim Radford received the Roger McLeod trophy for the highest standing in Grade IX. The trophy is presented in memory of a former principal of the school.
Five other students, Barbara Hackett, David Hale, David Tavender, Heather Brown and Stan Hashimoto received pins for their high standing in individual subjects.
KAY REED, president of the students' council, and Fred Valentine, editor of the school paper, "The Rover," and of the year book, "Green and Gold," were presented with citizenship awards.
Four awards were also made by the Hi-Y club of the school to Vivian Swischuk for the highest girls' 
standing in Grade VIII; Russell Kinningham, for the highest boys' standing in Grade VIII; Betty King, for the highest girls' standing in Grade VII and to Bobby Long for the highest boys' standing in Grade VII.
About 50 students received athletic awards from Ward Steckle, supervisor of athletics for Calgary schools; E. F. Shackleton, vice-principal; and W. J. Bateman, Mrs. G. A. Rabjohn and I. H. Stadebauer of the staff.
 valedictorian was Bill Harris, who received the "Readers Digest" valedictorian award which is awarded on request of the school principal, Norman J. Kennedy.
The graduating students were presented to the audience of parents and friends by G. F. Caron, W. D. M. Sage, E. M. Jennejohn and Alfred Schultz.
FOLLOWING ARE the students who graduated:
Boak Alexander, 
Beverley Baird, Lnda Lou Bartlett, Everal Borgal, Don Boyce, Shirley Cole, Betty Cromarty, Bob Finlay, Geraldine Fountain, Bob Fuller, Garry Graham, Chris. Gussow, Kathy Hanson, David Hale, Stanley Hashimoto, Byron Jacobson, Bob Jull, Betty Lou Kindler, Stanley Lee, Terry Lerner, Marshall Mormyluk, Peter Pike, Patsy Planedin, Pat Power, Don Rigby, Gail Rutherford, Ronald Rutherford, Jim Schuler, Carol Short, Harvey Steiger, Arlene Stretch, Bob Sutherland, Cameron Teare, Sandra Watson, Carole Weicker, Pat Zurch.
Joyce Ainscough, Keith Baker, Patrick Bartlett, Marie Beddome, John Bruner, Marilyn Coates, Lawrence Duffin, Elizabeth Dutchik, Sarah Evans, Douglas Forrest, Roland Gillis, William Harris, Doris Jean Harrison, Karen Jenson, Gloria Lamont, Shirley Lamont, Ken Macmillan, Irene Mason, Marilyn McDougall, Ken McIvor, Charles Mendelman, Sue Morton, Leonard Moulton, Donna Orcherton, Beverley Pike, Bill Pozer, Herbert Prentice, Loraine Prosser, Gerald Sage, David Tavender, Gladys Thomas, Merrill Upton, Fred Valentine, Margaret Welch, Joanna Wilkinson and Donald Wilson.
Frank Avery, Paul Ballard, Beverley Beach, Ti mothy Brady, Heather Brown, Dianne Collver, Karen Dalgetty, Judith DeBoda, Edith Dickson, Blair Domoney, Frederick Fair, Margaret Fairbairn, Shelagh Farrell, Jose Fox, John Francis, Ernest Fulton, William Galloway, Roger Godwin, Jack Guerin, Barbara Hackett, Robert Hanna, Anne Heerema, William Heerema, Gordon Hulbert, Barbara Kartzke, Norma Kenney, Margaret Menzies, Robert Merrett, Gordon Nielson, Harvey Orton, Donald Pogue, James Radford, Kay Reed, Esther Smith, Mary Tanner, Beverley Whitlow, Joyce Woodman, Sinclair Young, Audrey Zavada.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-11-26