Calgary Herald

1953-06-29 Page 7


Sunalta H.S.A. Installs Officers 

At the Sunalta 
H.S.A.'s last meeting of the year the new slate of officers installed by Mr H. L. Hadley, past president of Glengarry H.S.A., were as follows:
President, Mrs. W. B. Crutcher; honorary president and principal, Mr. K. B. Meiklejohn; past president, Mrs. R. L. Abram; vice-president, Mrs. B. J. Tharp; secretary, Mrs. W. Bruce Speer; treasurer, Mrs. E. J Burge; corresponding secretary, Mrs. W. H. Wilson; program, Mrs. M. G. Capan; membership, Mrs. A.  Macdonald, and Mrs. G. Graden; Calgary Council, Mrs. Philip Davidson; press representative, Mrs. R. L. Bamford; room prizes, Mrs. R. Riches; phone, Mrs. W. I. Ransom; child and family welfare, Mrs. Stuart Rowley; Red Cross, Mrs. W. H. Nield; social conveners, Mrs. Les Ferguson, Mrs. R. C. MacPherson, Mrs. W. M. Davidson, Mrs. E. L. Taylor, Mrs. E. K. Palmer, Mrs. Hugh A. Wigzel; room mother, Mrs. C. E. Cleveland.
Mr. Meiklejohn, on behalf of the out-going executive presented Mrs. Abram with the past president's pin and a gift. Mrs. Les Ferguson convened the serving of refreshments.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-11-30