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We provide indexes of births, marriages, deaths, articles, lists and other information from newspapers across Alberta to assist one in finding more information for their family tree. Feel free to contact us for more information. 


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Edmonton Journal Index 1950-Current                                                                                                                          Provost Area (B.M.D.) Index

Adopted in Alberta? Searching for Birth family?

SHANNON'S Library Collection

We have indexed about 700 Alberta Genealogy books to aid us in the location of Alberta Genealogy information (Off Line)

With over a decade of experience, access to the Provincial Archives of Alberta, U of A libraries, Alberta Legislature Library, Shannon will provide research services at an affordable rate.

General research into all manual records held in public archives in Edmonton area archives. (Quote provided free - Research by the hour. Assistance with Adoptions related searches in Alberta        


                We Find And extract full text of articles from Old papers.   

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Edmonton Bulletin and Calgary Herald from 1900 to 1938

                  We Find And extract full text of articles from Old papers.   

Browse Obituary Lists Indexe - CALGARY HERALD and EDMONTON BULLETIN 


Contact Ted at for quotes and availability of article

Edmonton and Calgary Papers 1950 to Current   -  B.C. Papers 1930-1936 (Vancouver Sun)    -  Assorted Alberta and B.C. Papers 2002 to Current


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HENDERSON'S DIRECTORY Links Page                                                            Northern Alberta Pioneer and Old Timer Tree's.

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