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Calgary 1910-1965 Peel Henderson’s
Calgary 1968 Shannon’s Look Ups
Calgary 1982 Shannon’s Look Ups
Calgary 1985 Shannon’s Look Ups
Calgary 1988 Shannon’s Look Ups
Calgary 1989 (Pending) Shannon’s Look Ups
Calgary 1990 (Pending) Shannon’s Look Ups
Edmonton 1908 – 1965 Peel Henderson’s
Edmonton 1955 Shannon’s Look Ups
Edmonton 1957 Shannon’s Look Ups
Edmonton 1958 Shannon’s Look Ups
Edmonton 1961 Shannon’s Look Ups
Edmonton 1962 Shannon’s Look Ups
Edmonton 1963 Shannon’s Look Ups
Edmonton 1964 Shannon’s Look Ups
Edmonton 1966 Shannon’s Look Ups
Edmonton 1967 Shannon’s Look Ups
Edmonton 1968 Shannon’s Look Ups
Edmonton 1971 Shannon’s Look Ups
Edmonton 1972 Shannon’s Look Ups
Edmonton 1975 Shannon’s Look Ups
North Battleford 1988 Shannon’s Look Ups
North Battleford 1990 Shannon’s Look Ups
Lethbridge 1910-1953 Peel Henderson’s
Lethbridge 1974 Shannon’s Look Ups
Medicine Hat 1914-1953 Peel Henderson’s
Victoria B.C. 1949 Free Lookup – mailto:Resents@hotmail.com
Henderson’s Directories
Saskatoon 1952 Free Lookup – mailto:Resents@hotmail.com
Saskatoon 1967 Shannon’s Look Ups
Saskatoon 1971 Shannon’s Look Ups
Saskatoon 1975 Shannon’s Look Ups
Saskatoon 1981 Shannon’s Look Ups
Saskatoon 1983 Shannon’s Look Ups
Saskatoon 1985 Shannon’s Look Ups
Saskatoon 1990 Shannon’s Look Ups
Regina 1909 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/3337.html
Regina 1919 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/3592.html
Regina 1955 Free Lookup – mailto:Resents@hotmail.com
Regina 1968 Shannon’s Look Ups
Regina 1975 Shannon’s Look Ups
Regina 1991 Shannon’s Look Ups
Regina 1994 Shannon’s Look Ups
Regina 1995 Shannon’s Look Ups
Regina 1999 Shannon’s Look Ups
Swift Current 1990 Shannon’s Look Ups
Northwest Territories 1884, 1894, 1897, 1905 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/848.html
Winnipeg 1911, 1914, 1924, 1928/29 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/3591.html
Winnipeg 1932, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/921.html
Winnipeg 1947 Free Lookup – mailto:Resents@hotmail.com
Winnipeg 1975 Shannon’s Look Ups
Brandon 1906-1955 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/3176.html
Red Deer 1885 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/3286.html
North Battleford 1983/1984 Shannon’s Look Ups
North Battleford 1987 Shannon’s Look Ups
North Battleford 1990 Shannon’s Look Ups

French Papers and other little known resources http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/newspapers/

University of Alberta Year Books

U of A Year Book 1921 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.1.html
U of A Year Book 1922 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.2.html
U of A Year Book 1922/23 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.3.html
U of A Year Book 1923/24 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.4.html
U of A Year Book 1924/25 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.5.html
U of A Year Book 1925/26 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.6.html
U of A Year Book 1926/27 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.7.html
U of A Year Book 1928 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.8.html
U of A Year Book 1929 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.9.html
U of A Year Book 1930 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.10.html
U of A Year Book 1931 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.11.html
U of A Year Book 1932 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.12.html
U of A Year Book 1933 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.13.html
U of A Year Book 1934 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.14.html
U of A Year Book 1935 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.15.html
U of A Year Book 1936 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.16.html
U of A Year Book 1937 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.17.html
U of A Year Book 1938 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.18.html
U of A Year Book 1939 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.19.html
1939 (Better Scan available from the resents@hotmail.com
U of A Year Book 1940 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.20.html
U of A Year Book 1941 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.21.html
1941 (Better Scan available from the resents@hotmail.com
U of A Year Book 1942 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.22.html
U of A Year Book 1943 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.23.html
U of A Year Book 1944 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.24.html
U of A Year Book 1945 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.25.html
U of A Year Book 1946 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.26.html
1946 (Better Scan available from the resents@hotmail.com
U of A Year Book 1947 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.27.html
U of A Year Book 1948 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.28.html
1948 (Better Scan available from the resents@hotmail.com
U of A Year Book 1949 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.29.html
U of A Year Book 1951 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.31.html
U of A Year Book 1952 http://peel.library.ualberta.ca/bibliography/9022.32.html
U of A Year Book 1958 resents@hotmail.com
U of A Year Book 1959 resents@hotmail.com

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Phone Books

Edmonton 2001

Edmonton 1980

Metro Vancouver 1990

Central Fraser Valley 1990

Kelowna and area 1989

Thunder Bay 2004

London Ontario Criss Cross 1999

Halton Peel Criss Cross 2001

Sydney Nova Scotia Mights Director 1991/1992

Truro NS Mights Directory

Truro & District NS Mights Directory 1986

History Books

Rolla Remembers (BC)

Courage and Cordwood (MacDowall SK)

Saskatchewan Gazette Change of Name 1917-1950

R.C.M.P Obituary Index 1933-1989

Proof of Age Documents index Alberta

Canadian Medical Directory 1990 -(lists all Doctors from Canada)